Carbon Balancing –  World Land Trust

Biodiversity is under increasing pressure worldwide and destruction of habitats such as tropical forests is the leading cause of biodiversity loss. The World Land Trust (WLT) works with local partners to purchase and restore key habitats to protect biodiversity.

As well as supporting threatened wildlife these habitats perform a variety of Ecosystem Services of vital importance to people. Probably the best-known service is carbon storage and sequestration. Other important functions include the stabilisation and purification of water supplies, regulation of local weather and provision of shelter for the insect populations that pollinate food crops. By safeguarding habitats such as tropical forests WLT projects help protect the ecosystem services on which we all depend.

Custodian Guarding Company is proud to support the World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Fund by committing to off-set its unavoidable Carbon Emissions. The company is committed to collaborating with its suppliers and clients to establish a greater environmental awareness and as such has made a commitment to its Environmental Management System that meets the requirement of ISO14001:2004.

Signed:  A Herbert                                                      Date: 21st September 2012

Co – Director


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