The policy of Custodian Guarding Company is to attain and maintain high standards of environmental performance. The Company will pursue continual improvement from year to year. To this end we have made a commitment to an Environmental Management System meeting the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 and as such Custodian Guarding Company will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that we:

  • Understand and comply with all necessary environment legislation and operate to the best industry practices

  • Assess the environmental impacts of our operations. For example, from the use of work equipment and materials to the collection and ultimate disposal of waste.

  • Employ a consistent framework for the management of environmental issues during our operation.

  • Reduce waste, conserve energy and explore opportunities to re-use and recycle.

  • Endeavour to develop innovative processes that can reduce levels of environmental impact.

  • Collaborate with our Suppliers and Clients to establish a greater environmental awareness.

  • Remain alert and responsive to developing issues, knowledge and public concern.

  • Ensure that our Employees are aware of the Environment Policy and are motivated to apply it, ensure that our Employees are aware of their own responsibilities and that they are given the support, information, instruction and training necessary to fulfill them.

  • Emphasise that the Company's focus is on pollution prevention rather than abatement.

  • Choose materials and resources with regard to their long-term sustainability.

The Company appreciates the importance of the Environment Policy and to ensure its successful operation must take into consideration the views of its Employees. Therefore the Company will strive to develop a positive culture based on consultation, cooperation and communication.


  • Arriva
  • Metropolitan Borough of Wirral
  • NHS
  • Opal
  • Port Sunlight
  • Azure Collection
  • Wirral Partnership
  • Wirral Met